(Video) A story about witches dragons, kids and yukky green soup full of vegetable goodness.

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The Hairy Fairy

Did you ever hear of the Hairy Fairy? Next time you go to the hairdresser, take some of your hair back home with you and put it under your pillow!! (You'll get money!!)

Cats Fourever

A tale of 4 cats, doing the stuff that cats do best. This had 4 kids when he was small, and these are the games they played.


A Nice Cup Of Tea

A poem about the importance of drinking good tea, and the different situations in which it really helps.


Angry Dad

Sometimes Dad gets a little incy wincy bit frustrated with small people. This story is for all dads who are losing the battle :-)


Sebastian Jones

Sebastian Jones has a big problem on his hands!! Technology, or something deeper!